"With 15 years of playing guitar i became interested in exploring the world of rockabilly guitar. I can honestly say that after going thru Damians' lessons I have improved so much as a guitar player. Learning the solos and licks has done wonders for me as I am able to improvise freely and confidently during band rehearsals, its like having a bag big bag of tricks! Not only that, but for me personally, it has made practicing and playing guitar a total BLAST, and thats priceless. Thanks Damian for your hard work! its very much appreciated."
Cesar Solorzano - Los Angeles, CA.

"Damian Bacci has a way with instruction that is neither egotistical nor condescending (something many players and/or instructors seem to have a problem with these days). Whether you are a novice looking to get your hands dirty (and calloused) or a veteran looking to sharpen the chops that your hands and ears have misplaced,Damian has something for everyone..."
Johnny Daly - Boston,Massachusetts
Johnny Daly & The Good Lords

"I've been playing on and off for ages now just mainly at home and some jam sessions with good mates. I'd always liked rockabilly music but decent info or tips are short on the ground in Scotland. I clocked Damian during a you tube surf and took a punt on his DVD. Well its the biz, no 5th string 7th fret sort of thing but tons of repeats slow and fast to show you the vibe and the feel for this great style of playing. If you are happy changing a three chord rock n roll beat or even better you are happy with a couple of your pentatonic shapes then you'll get untold amounts out of this DVD. I am happy with chord subs my pentatonics and modal shapes and got loads of tips and help in this style of playing from Damian. I ordered on line from Dundee Scotland and the pack came through in around 7 days or so with no problems. Recommended without any problem, Enjoy"
Rab - Dundee, Scotland UK

"I bought your Rockabilly DVD from you a while ago, and think it is great. I still revisit it every once in a while when I get forgetful and my playing gets stale!
I have been playing for 20+ years, and never seemed to be able to break out of that Minor Pentatonic - AC\DC & Chuck Berry style soloing. I guess I got the job done, but I always felt like I had been stuck in a box for years.
I was always a big Rockabilly fan, but never seemed to be able to figure it out on my own. The licks and lessons on this DVD definately helped me out and allowed me to expand my playing. It was simple to follow, and didn't get all technical and theoretical."
Stephen - Canada 

"I found Damian's rockabilly lessons on YouTube and knew right away I needed to get his DVD. His playing style is a blast, he's a great guitarist, and his teaching is fun and easy-going. I grew up on 50s music but played other styles and guitars over the years. Now I'm back to playing what I was meant to play, and its the most fun I've had on guitar in years." Thanks Damian!
Steve Chapman, Atlanta GA
"I bought Damian's Hot Rod Rockabilly Guitar dvd, and I was blown away! I've been playing for a couple of years, and this dvd gave me that kick in the ass to bring my Rockabilly guitar playing to a whole new level! A gr...eat dvd put out by a very talented guy! A definite asset to all guitarist's! Keep Rockin Damian and thanks!"
Donald - Long Island N.Y. 

"I got Damian's Hod Rod Rockabilly Guitar dvd. Now, here's the thing; It doesn't matter if you are not crazy about rockabilly - there are an abundance of COOL licks to be learned. I have been playing guitar for 40-odd years, and this dvd still taught me a few chops. Damian even makes you have a laugh when accidently he bashes the camera with his Gretsch (ouch!). All in all, a great dvd which you will find yourself going back to for seconds...and thirds.....and.....more...." 
Graham John Knappett - Braintree, Essex, England

"My mother bought you DVD set at Xmas for me and I have been working from it since then I have made good progress with my hammer ons and pull offs and I have learned some cool stuff its watching you play that makes me keep on learning. one day I hope to play rockabilly smooth and fluid like you. Your a cool guy shame I can't just drop by for some tips in person but Scotland is a ways a way." 
Ashley - Scotland

"Great rockabilly guitar playing and easy instruction great Cliff gallup Licks"
Migs - Tempe Az

I first discovered Damians lessons on youtube after wanting to learn how to play Rockabilly and Roots guitar styles. His no nonsense style of teaching is down to earth, easy to follow and cuts to the chase. I was exited to learn about the Hot Rod Rockabilly Guitar DVD and scooped up a copy as soon as i could. One word...."Inspired".... I constantly use the DVD as reference and use all of the solo and rhythm ideas in my playing. Fantastic player and the best Rockabilly teacher there is! Many thanks.
Ian - Leicestershire, England     

"If you work and you can't catch the time seeing a guitar teacher in music school at fixed dates - just use damian's dvd for rockabilly guitar lessons - special stuff like guitar work of the johnny burnette trio (just for example) is taught in a perfect way. For me damian's DVD has the same effect on my playing and learning like Rockabilly (1&2) of Jim Weider! It's worth it!
I would like to suggest it to everyone who want's to have quick results!"
Johannes Christiani - Wiesbaden, Germany