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The highly anticipated release of "Ultimate Rockabilly Guitar" is Damian's second rockabilly instructional course. With over 3 hours of instruction, "Ultimate Rockabilly Guitar" is a complete and comprehensive guide for any aspiring rockabilly guitarist. Contained within this course are 20 solo and rhythm lessons featuring many signature licks popularized by Brian Setzer, Cliff Gallup, Grady Martin, Eddie Cochran and countless others. You'll be learning to blend rockabilly lead lines, swing rhythms and jazz voicings. If you have always wanted to play lightning fast pull-offs, blazing double stops, killer turnarounds, tenacious triads or launch your fingers into diminished runs, then this course was meant for you. Throughout the course you will learn licks from various musical sources ranging from country, western swing, urban R&B and jazz. If you're looking to add some fire to your rockabilly playing, and have always wanted to learn those certain rockabilly licks that just aren't in any books or videos, then look no further. You've arrived at the right place. This 20 lesson course comes with backing tracks & PDF file guitar tabs. You also get 3 additional bonus lessons.

DOWNLOAD includes 3 zipped folders containing 23 (mp4) videos , backing tracks (mp3) & PDF file tabs.

© 2013 "Ultimate Rockabilly Guitar" is the copyrighted property of Damian Bacci. Unauthorized copying, broadcasting or lending of this recording is prohibited.

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